Eyan makes art, lives, works and plays on Gabriola Island BC. Eyan paints what is around her; trees, birds, people, structures, and imbues them with a warm mystery. A riddle, a metaphor. Eyan Myers Paintings is a work in progress. A dialogue between Eyan and her practice. A place for her to try to be brave. To risk failure. To dare, to show up and be seen. To You are invited to join her on her journey and to share your own. 








It is what we do every day that makes our life what it is. Our habits are literally what we live inside of. We live IN-HABIT. I want a life full of love and purpose and to generally feel really good.
This is a practice, a skill. Perfection is not the goal for me. Showing up is. I'm going to show up for my work every day, show up HERE and risk being seen, and see what happens when I more consciously in-habit my life.

Daily blog and musings