“Eyan… is that Gaelic?”

Nope. Though I may have a few Scottish ancestors ‘Eyan’ (pronounced ‘Ian’) is a nickname that has stuck for over twenty years. The full story involves a beaver, a towel, a major Mc-food chain and a punk rocker. It sounds like the premise of a Tom Robbins novel and causes endless confusion about my gender and etnicity, but I own it. Maybe one day I’ll learn Gealic and just reply “yes is ainm dom Gaelach” (yes my name is Galic) next time someone suggests the origin. 

Perhaps being a bit unusual led me to become a designer. Obsessed with details and beauty and with original ways to tell a story, I am proud to be one of the weirdos out there designing the world around us.

Educated in both Fine Art and Graphic Design I have been working as a professional graphic designer for over thirteen years. The first eight years of
my career were spent in an advertising agency where I gained a depth of experience having worked on a wide cross-section of projects. My proficiencies include brand development, large scale print and display graphics, book design, brochure design, digital publishing, and website design. 


Now in my fifth year as a freelance creative I love developing relationships with clients as much as I love developing great solutions for their projects. I'd love to hear from you if you have a project to discuss.